Counseling and Transition Services 

Chilton Regional Center

Thinking about starting school?
Know the area of study?

We can help you right here in Chilton:
  • Help with the admissions process
  • Questions about requirements for your area of study
  • Finding resources to help you prepare academically
  • Referrals for FVTC services and community resources
To Schedule an appointment contact us at:
FVTC Chilton Regional Center
1200 E. Chestnut Street, Hwy. 32/57 S.
Chilton, WI 53014
(920) 849-4416
(800) 843-4131

Are you unsure about a career or degree?

We Can Help You Arrange a Meeting with a Counselor. 

A Counselor:

  • Will help with making a decision about your next step.
  • Will help with general information about a career or degree.
  • Will help as a resource person to refer you to other services.
  • Is offered throughout the FVTC district for your convenience.
  • Will help you look at your interests, aptitudes, values, goals, and employment experiences to assist in making a career decision.
  • Call 920/735-5696 to schedule a phone conference with a counselor.

FVTC's Career Analysis and Development Class:

  • Will help you discover how to match your skills, values, interests and personality traits with satisfying career options.
  • Is a counseling process in which we help you complete a personal assessment, occupational research and career plan.
  • Is a one-credit class that may be used as an elective in any of our associate degree programs. Contact the regional center for current fee.
  • Is offered at the Appleton and Oshkosh locations.
Students in a library

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