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Poultry Contest 

State Poultry Contest

The contest will be organized in the following classes:


Class 1: 4 broilers to select as keep/cull
Class 2: Live hens—place on past production
Class 3: Grading—10 poultry parts or carcasses
Class 4: Place 4 poultry carcasses
Class 5: 10 interior eggs to grade
Class 6: 10 eggs for exterior grading
Class 7: Written factors on exterior eggs
Class 8: Evaluate 10 plates of boneless further processed product
 Class 9:  
 Evaluate 10 plates of bone-in further processed product
Class 10: 10 poultry parts to identify
Class 11: 30-question written test on the poultry industry     

There will be a maximum of four members per team or a minimum of three members per team.
Team score will be the highest score from the top three individuals. Low score out.

Suggested References

  1. National FFA Career Development Events Handbook

Each school may enter two teams per contest. Meets in the Transportation Center.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Chairperson: Clara Hedrich
West De Pere High School       
Co-Chair: Jerry Fischer

High School Committee: Chilton Plymouth
Kewaskum Rosholt
Hartford Waterford
Consultant: Ron Kean
U.W. Madison
(608) 262-8807
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