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Teach English 

The World is Coming to Us. 

Are you Ready to Teach English,
Train Employees, or Work with
Speakers of Other Languages?

Strengthen Your Credentials  ~~  Earn Graduate Credit


Teach English Certificate Highlights

Prepares you to teach English as a Foreign Language by:

  • Introducing you to teaching methods and techniques

  • Providing you with on-campus practicum (authentic environment) to practice teaching

  • Offering faculty mentoring and guidance

Credits /
Course Description

English Language Learning Theories

Dates: 6/2/14-6/27/14
Course #: 11031
FVTC Cost:  $449.85
Viterbo Cost:

Credits: 3
Mode: Online
Length: 4 weeks
  • Develop competence of language learning theories

  • Examine the history of English and world English education

  • Develop foundation of theories and teaching styles

  • Explore classroom management techniques and various learning environments

English Language Learning Methods

Dates: 6/30/14-7/25/14
Course #: 11032
FVTC Cost:  $449.85

Viterbo Cost: $779.85

Credits: 3
Mode: Online Length: 4 weeks
  • Develop competence of language learning methodology

  • Examine educational technologies and resources

  • Engage in interactive lessons and activities

  • Explore successful instructional methods

English Language Learning Practicum

Dates: 7/28/14-8/22/14
Course #: 11033
FVTC Cost:  $449.85
Viterbo Cost: $749.85

Credits: 3
Mode: On campus
Length: 4 weeks
(NOTE: available in 1 week format)
  • Develop competence of language learning instruction. 

  • Observe professional instruction in Intensive English Programs, Adult Education, and Bridge courses

  • Participate in practicum of supervised instruction and mentorship culminating into a portfolio

  • Viterbo University graduate credit fee includes FVTC tuition.
  • Textbooks required (additional fee)
  • The FVTC Teach English certificate complements teaching degrees or other undergrad/graduate degrees.
  • Out-of-state tuition for English Language Practicum: Additional fee
  • International students must meet minimum TOEFL requirements

Additional information: 920-735-2443 or email Allisen Stojanovic

Register at MyFVTC.

Sampling of opportunities to use a TESL Certificate?

Master's Degree
Bachelor's Degree + TESL Associate's Degree/H.S. Diploma
  • International Summer Camps
  • Missionary Work
  • Volunteering at Local Literacy Centers
Resources for Teaching Abroad

For additional information, contact: Allisen Stojanovic, English Language Institute, 920-735-2443

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