Student Government Club Webpage Criteria 

The Student Government Association has worked with Club officers and SGA members to determine specific criteria that needs to be on all student organization web pages. Club web pages should be updated to meet the criteria by Friday, February 14, 2014.

The criterion was put in place to ensure students, potential students, and any web visitor may understand the mission of each Club at Fox Valley Technical College. It will ensure all users may easily locate points of contact and meeting locations for each student organization at Fox Valley Technical College. The minimum content as required the Student Government Association is as follows:
  • Club Mission Statement
  • Current Points of Contact for Advisor and Officers (email or office)
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Any special events with dates that are available

Each student organization will be responsible for contacting Andrea Williams-Derouin and updating all information listed above by February 15th each spring semester, and October 15th each fall semester. Failure to comply with having the minimum content posted will result in the following procedure:
  • First Offense: Warning issued to the club with required correction completion date.
  • Second Offense: Organization funding disbursements withheld due to failure to comply.
  • Third Offense: Organization loses recognition due to failure to comply.

Please contact your Student Government with questions or concerns regarding Fox Valley Technical College Club Page Requirements at This policy will appear in the Fox Valley Technical College Advisor’s Handbook for the school year 2013-2014.

For webpage updates please contact:

Andrea Williams-Derouin
Phone: 920-831-4331
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