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Policies for Facebook, and other online Communities

Recognized FVTC student organizations (student groups recognized by Student Life) who choose to use Facebook, Myspace, or other online communities as a resource for promotion and communication are representing the college. Therefore, a student club or organization operating under, or using the FVTC name and logo must abide by the following guidelines when making content available to the public through online communities.

Content (including photos or text) will not contain:
  1. Any lewd behavior (nudity, or other sexually suggestive material)
  2. Any drugs or alcohol
  3. Any gossip, libel, slander, or other negative information about other students, faculty, staff, or Fox Valley Technical College as a whole.
  4. Any hate or discriminatory material.

  1. Personal profiles of members belonging to the group must also meet these guidelines, as the personal profile information is available on the group’s official community.
  2. Disable any automated “related groups” features, as these sometimes produce unpredictable results.
Content should include the following:
  1. Content relating to the topic of the group.
  2. A welcoming learning environment for all students and advisors of the club or organization to freely share information.
  3. Organization purpose, mission, meeting times, and contact information.
  4. A link to the club’s official FVTC web site.

Your Facebook, or other online community can also be linked from your FVTC web page, located at If your organization chooses to create an online community, please contact John Lewis at 920-831-4331.

All sites must be registered with Student Life. Clubs and organizations must monitor their content on a minimum of a weekly basis. Your online communities are subject to monitoring by the Student Life staff as well. The Student Life Technology Specialist must also have administrative rights on your official online community. Clubs failing to meet these guidelines may have their online community edited, and requested to shut down by Student Life staff.

Repeated violations can and may lead to probationary status, or dismissal of a recognized student organization.
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