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How to Pay 

Payment Options

FVTC accepts a variety of payment methods:

  • eCheck is the preferred method of payment.  It is a free payment option available via MyFVTC and eFAS and provides the ability to pay tuition via a checking or savings account online.  It is fast and easy.  Save a stamp or a trip to campus by using this payment option!
    • Login to MyFVTC or directly to eFAS
    • Click on the Payments tab in the bar at the top of the page
    • Click on the Pay link in the Action column
    • Select the Payment Method
      • New Electronic Check
        • You will be asked to enter your account information
        • Be sure to check the Refund Option so that any refunds due to you will be directly deposited into this account (an added benefit of adding this Payment Profile)
        • Check the Option to Save checkbox and click the Continue button
      • Or choose the Payment Profile that you had previously created
      • click the Go button
    • Input the payment amount, the date of the payment and click the Continue button
    • Confirm the payment information and click the Submit Payment button
  • Cash, check, money order and electronic funds transfer

  • Scholarships

  • Financial Aid

    • You do NOT have to make any payment toward your tuition if your awarded financial aid is more than your tuition balance.
    • Books from the Campus Store can be charged to your student account up to the amount of awarded financial aid less your outstanding tuition balance.
    • Your financial aid will "post" to your student account a few days after the census date.  On the census date, we will look to determine how many credits you are enrolled in.  We then calculate the appropriate amount of financial aid to post to your student account. Please visit FVTC Census Date for more details.
    • You must complete a Master Promissory Note (MPN) to ensure that your Stafford Loan or PLUS Loan will disburse to your student account.  Please visit FVTC Financial Aid for more details.
  • PayPath is a payment option available via MyFVTC and eFAS and provides the ability to pay tuition via VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  The fee to utilize PayPath is 2.75% (minimum of $3.00).

  • A Payment Plan is available for students with a balance of $300 or more.  There is a $25.00 fee to enroll in the Payment Plan, which will then split the balance into 3 separate monthly installments.  Students can enroll online via eFAS.  Once in eFAS, click on the Payment Plans tab and then the "Sign up for a new Payment Plan" tab.

  • Employer / Agency contracts
    • Primary contacts are Deb Buchanan (920-831-4383 or or Linda Schroeder (920-735-5716 or
    • Send communications to:
                   Fox Valley Technical College 
                   Attn: Third Party Billing                                                                                                 
                   1825 N. Bluemound Drive
                   PO Box 2277                                                                                                           
                   Appleton, WI 54912-2277

Past Due Financial Obligation
  • A past due financial obligation owed to FVTC will result in a hold placed on your record prohibiting further services (i.e. enrollment, grades, diploma, certificate, transcript, etc). 
  • The hold will remain in effect until the financial obligation has been satisfied. 
  • FVTC reserves the right to require up-front payment from a student that has had a prior outstanding financial hold.
  • Fox Valley Technical College is a non-profit institution of higher learning.  As such, student receivable accounts are considered to be educational loans offered for the sole purpose of financing an education and are not dischargeable in bankruptcy proceedings.
Student Financials FAQs

Questions or concerns can be directed to or 920-735-4871.
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