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Mini Grant Process 

Mini Grant Process

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Determine need
Consult with Dean or Associate Dean

Shana Farrell,, 831-5463
Apply for a mini-grant
Fill out Curriculum Application Tracking (CATS) form online at
Bev Kelley,, 735-2564

Obtain approval of application
Receive an automatically generated email message. Once you complete the development for the mini grant, you will earn $1,000 through Web Clock, Timesheet.

Shana Farrell,
Develop your materials
If your project involves converting to an online format: Before you begin development, it is required that you: 1) Complete the Internet Qualifications Series (IQS)
2) Complete WIDS2WEB curriculum documentation

Develop and Post in Bb:
  1. Course Overview
  2. Syllabus--including course calendar and grading system information
  3. Instructor Contact information
  4. Course Content organized by weeks
  5. Course Content in accordance with Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
  6. Competencies, Performance Standards, and Learning Objectives (if applicable)
  7. Performance Assessment Strategies, including explanations/instructions for learners via Rubrics
  8. Discussion Forums with threads posted within the forums
  9. Applicable Interactive Activities, e.g., journals, blogs, learning objects, games, etc.
  10. Multimedia materials, e.g., videos, PowerPoint presentations, screencasts, Adobe Presenter, links to online videos, simulations, etc.
  11. Performance-based online assessments and/or surveys
Liz Jones,, 735-4760
Obtain approval
Contact Liz Jones ( to notify her that you completed the course construction so she can review the content. If approved, Liz will send you the appropriate CFS including the Project code.
Liz Jones,
 Get paid    
Enter your hours in Web Clock using Timesheet. You must enter the appropriate CFS Liz sent you including the Project code. Your supervisor approves the hours.
Bev Kelley,

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