Specialized Equipment & Technology 

Fox Valley Technical College offers a full array of specialized equipment and technology to benefit your organization. Specialized equipment includes, but is not limited to, the list below.  

Specialized Equipment

Equipment Description
ABB Robotics State-of-the-art technology that delivers factory-based automation training & seminars in the workplace.
Learn more about AAB Robotics>>
Collision Damage Assessment Lab Use the latest technologies and methods which includes the use of actual vehicles during the training process.
Learn more about the Collision Damage
Assessment Lab >>
Computer &
e-Learning Labs

E-Learning Connect Room is a state-of-the-art classroom supporting flexible learning and meeting options. It can be rented for both half-day and full-day use.
Learn more about the e-Learning and Computer Labs >>
E-learning lab
Construction & Woodworking Technologies

FABTECH Building
Digital Fabrication
& Prototyping

Fire Training Center State of the art training at one of the Midwest's premier fire training facilities, located in Neenah, Wisconsin.
Learn more about the Fire Training
Center >>
Flight Simulator Fox Valley Technical College’s equipment features high-tech flight training devices, and modern aircraft for our students.
Learn more about the Flight Simulator >>
Human Patient Simulator With our ensemble of human patient simulators, we are able to bring employers the newest technology in human simulation. We can create simulated care experiences from basic assessment to complex multi-organ failure.
Learn more about the Human Patient Simulator >>
Television (ITV)
Through the use of fiber optic technology, classes are telecast live to multiple locations simultaneously with one instructor teaching to all sites from one originating site.
Learn more about ITV >>
Meeting &
Event Services

Bordini Fall
Printing &
Flexographic Presses
The FVTC Printing Technologies Education and Research Center houses state-of-the-art prepress, flexographic, and digital printing facilities.
Learn more about Printing & Flexographic
Presses >>
Profile Knife Grinder
& Moulder Operator
Weinig 931 & 960 Grinders and a 6-head Weinig Powermat 500 Moulder are used during hands-on training.
Learn more about the Profile Knife Grinder
& Moulder Operator >>
Public Safety & Security
Provides vital hands-on tactical training for public safety professionals.
Learn more about Public Safety & Security>>
Public Safety
Technology Center
The Sustainable Technology Center is focused upon sharing sustainable best practices and technology with stakeholders, the local community and business & industry.
Learn more about the Sustainable
Technology Center >>
Welding & Weld Certification/Testing FVTC has a vast array of expertise to help with applied manufacturing projects and problems targeted at improving productivity and strengthening the region's
manufacturing economy.
Learn more about Welding & Weld Certification >>
Wisconsin Decision Driving Center The Wisconsin Decision Driving Center (WDDC) at Fox Valley Technical College's Appleton, Wisconsin campus is one of the most unique and advanced driving centers in the nation.
Learn more about the Wisconsin Decision
Driving Center >>

View video from the WDDC >>

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