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Swap Board Sale Logo Welcome to the FVTC Swap Board

Whether you are looking to purchase or want to sell books, a car, electronic equipment, or another item, the SWAP Board can help! Perhaps you are looking for a place to live or want to share an apartment. You’ve visited the right website. The On-line SWAP Board is available to students currently attending FVTC and staff members. Listed below are some frequently asked questions. Should you have additional questions, please contact Student Life at 920-735-2545 or

Logging in to the Swap Board
Anyone may view posts. In order to create, edit, or remove your own posts, you will need to log in.
Your "User ID" is your student or staff ID that you use to log in to MyFVTC, and to access your Email. Do not include "".

Your password is also the same as your MyFVTC/Email password.

Is there a cost?
No, all postings are free.

How long will my posting be accessible?
Posting will remain on the SWAP Board for a period of two weeks.

What types of items can I post?
The SWAP Board encourages students and staff to post items for sale, books for sale, ride share information, housing information and other items students may want information on.

How many items can I post?
Students and staff may post as many items as needed as long as the postings are not repetitive.

Are all items accepted?
No. Postings may not include information that contains inappropriate language, alcohol consumption or personal relationships. If your item is not appropriate for the SWAP Board, you will be sent a denied request email to let you know.

Who can use the SWAP Board?
Students and staff have access to post items. Anyone posting an item, must agree to terms of agreement.

You must agree to our Terms of Use

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