Behavioral Intervention Team - Info for Staff 

Information for Staff Regarding Student Behavioral Concerns

We encourage you to contact the team if you have concerns about student behavior that you have observed in your classroom or other locations on campus.  There is an Online Incident Reporting Form for your use. If you have a question regarding whether or not a student's behavior constitutes a violation of college policy, reference the Student Code of Conduct in the Student Handbook/Planner.

  • If you feel that a student is distressed, but not a danger to self or others, contact your Dean, Supervisor, or the College Conduct Officer (Vicky Barke: 920-735-2468 or  You may also want to contact Counseling & Advising Services (920-735-5696 in Appleton or 920-233-9191 in Oshkosh). Additional Tips for working with a student in distress.
  • If you feel that a student is an immediate threat to themselves or others, please contact Security Services at 735-5691 or text to

Faculty/Staff Behavioral Intervention Rubric

Any behaviors that go beyond those covered here should be referred to the Behavioral Intervention Team*

Behaviors (Check all that are present)              Address as follows:

____ Disruptive Behavior
    • Uncooperative student
    • Student using profanity (non-discriminatory, not threatening)
    • Disrespectful behavior
    • Student teasing
_____ Concerning Behavior
    • Change in mood/behavioral pattern
    • Chronic tardiness/missing class
    • Chronic missed assignments
    • Deterioration of personal appearance
_____ Student may or may not show signs of distress

_____ No threat is made or present (must be checked to remain in Behavioral Level 1
 _____ Addressed by reporter

 _____ Behavioral Success Plan made with student (place on file with College Conduct Officer*)
Sample Success Plan - Anger Management (MS Word)
Sample Success Plan - Anger Management (PDF)
Sample Success Plan - Disruptive Student1 (MS Word)
Sample Success Plan - Disruptive Student1 (PDF)

 _____ Contact Educational Support Services for a consultation

 _____ Evaluate for counseling referral

 _____ Consultation with appropriate manager/dean

 _____ Informational conduct report filed (highly encouraged)

 _____ Repeated instances should be referred to the Behavioral Intervention team*

*Can be done by emailing Vicky Barke at
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