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Distance Tutoring 

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Distance Tutoring

If a tutor cannot be found for your class at your campus or you are taking classes online, we may be able to connect you with a tutor using Distance Tutoring. 

 Distance Tutoring allows Fox Valley Technical College to reach students in two locations in such a realistic way that it feels as if the tutor and tutee are in the same room. In each room, to facilitate instruction, is a computer, a phone line, and a Bamboo Splash Tablet (for math), and a connection through freescreensharing to share what is being performed on the tutor and tutee’s computer.

 Fox Valley Technical College has available to students: 

  • Four Distance Tutoring stations, one at each of the Outreach sites (Waupaca, Clintonville, Chilton and Wautoma).
  • Two Distance Tutoring stations on the Appleton Campus (located in the TLC and ESS) and one on the Oshkosh Campus (located in the TLC). 
  • Scheduling a tutoring session via Distance Tutoring is easy.  Simply click on Distance Tutor Request   and complete the email request form from the menu on the right.  You will hear from us within 2 business days of submitting your request. 

Other helpful Distance Tutoring information:

  • Distance Tutoring Guidelines
  • Distance Tutoring Room Locations
  • Distance Tutoring Reference Guide

Distance Tutoring Guidelines


  1. At this time, all Distance Tutoring sessions MUST be set up through the Teaching and Learning Center.  Fill out the Distance Tutoring request form located below.  Please provide a minimum of 2 business days’ notice.
  2. Once a session is confirmed, both the tutor and tutee will be given, via email, the time, locations, phone number, and Meeting ID.   
  3. The student will report to the assigned regional center and will check out the Distance Tutoring equipment from the regional center’s main desk.
  4. With the assistance of the support staff the tutee will hook up the equipment and will be prepared to begin tutoring at the assigned time.
  5. The Tutor will call the appropriate regional center and will request to be connected to the tutee.
  6. Both tutor and tutee will sign-in to



  1. Please be prepared with questions for your tutor.
  2. If you are working on an online program (Blackboard,, Microsoft Word, etc.), be logged in and ready to share your screen.
  3. Remember your tutor is here to help facilitate learning and not do your work.


  1. Please disconnect from the phone call and the website.
  2. Neatly put equipment and instruction back in the storage container.
  3. Return the equipment box to the main desk.
  4. Schedule your next tutoring appointment!

Distance Tutoring request form

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