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FAQs for Adjunct Faculty 


Here are answers to commonly-asked questions about teaching at FVTC.  If something you need to know is not covered here, please contact your supervisor.

What do I do if my classroom is locked?

If your class in at the Appleton Campus, call Security at (920) 735-5691 (Saturdays, call (920) 428-1240).  At the Oshkosh-Riverside Campus, call Security at (920) 236-6186.  Other sites, contact your supervisor.


What do I do for night or weekend assistance?

Check with your supervisor.  Evening security services are available on the Appleton and Oshkosh-Riverside campuses and Saturday security service is available on the Appleton campus.  To reach the Security Office on the Appleton campus, call (920) 735-5691 (weeknights) or (920) 428-1240 (Saturdays).  On the Oshkosh-Riverside campus, call (920) 236-6186. For emergency situations (medical, fire, disturbance or bomb threat), call 911 for immediate assistance.


How do I make copies of materials for my classes?

Talk with your supervisor about the locations of copiers for your use.  Some copiers will require you to enter your employee ID number to use for photocopying class materials.  Large print jobs should be sent to Printing Services for the most cost-effective service.  Printing Services utilizes an online work order system which may be found on the Intranet under Admin/Services and then Printing Services.  You’ll be required to furnish a chartfield string (account number) which can be obtained from your supervisor.  Printing Services staff can be contacted by e-mail at Printing Services or by phone at (920) 735-5788.


How do I obtain a class roster?

Class rosters can be obtained in MyFVTC which can be accessed from the FVTC home page. Enter your network ID (same as your email address without the in the User ID field and your network password in the Password field.  Click Sign-On. Click Faculty Center. A list of classes on your instructor schedule for the current term will be displayed.  Click the appropriate class roster; select the appropriate roster type in the Print Class Roster box, then click the Print button.  

More detailed instructions for viewing, printing and using class rosters, and recording student grades can be found in the Adjunct Faculty Guide to Grades and Rosters (rev. 9/08) as well as in the Quick Guide to Grades and Rosters.


What do I do if a student is missing on the roster?

If a student is missing on the class roster, he/she is likely a late enrollment so ask to see his/her paid registration form.  If no registration is produced, the student should not be permitted to attend class until registration has been completed.  A new roster can be printed in My FVTC (see FAQ: How do I obtain a class roster?)


How can a student who withdraws from class obtain a refund?

When an instructor withdraws a student from class, the action has no effect on a refund of course fees.  In order for students to receive a refund during the refund period, they may use the MyFVTC access to withdraw from class or stop by Enrollment Services or talk to regional center staff. Refunds are dependent upon College administrative policy. If a student is dropping one class and adding another, he/she must see Enrollment Services or regional center staff to ensure that 100% of the dropped class tuition is applied to the new course.


How do I record grades?

Grades can be posted in MyFVTC which can be accessed from the FVTC home page. Enter your network ID (same as your email address without the in the User ID field and your network password in the Password field.  Click Sign-On. Click Faculty Center.  A list of classes on your instructor schedule for the current term will be displayed.  Click the appropriate Grade Roster icon to the left of the appropriate class.  Locate the student you wish to grade.  Click the Grade Input drop down arrow for that student and select the appropriate grade.  When finished, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save.

More detailed instructions for viewing, printing and using class rosters, and recording student grades can be found in the Adjunct Faculty Guide to Grades and Rosters (rev. 9/08) as well as in the Quick Guide to Grades and Rosters.


What is the deadline for recording grades?

Final grades are recorded on permanent transcripts at the end of each course. Final course grades must be completed by the instructor and entered into the computer system by the deadlines noted in the following chart:


 Deadline for Grades
to be Entered 

Semester length classes

5:00 p.m. on the 2nd Grading Day at the end of the semester 

Non-semester length classes

5:00 p.m. of the 5th college working day after the last class has been completed 

Non-semester length classes that conclude at the end of the semester

5:00 p.m. on the 2nd Grading Day at the end of the semester 

Additional information on grading is provided in detail in the Grading System administrative policy.

What is the law about student confidentiality and what are my responsibilities under the law?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) provides for the privacy of student education records.  The Act provides for the right to inspect and review education records, the right to seek to amend those records and to limit the disclosure of information from the records.  The intent of the legislation is to protect the rights of students and to ensure the privacy and accuracy of education records.  This Act applies to all institutions that are the recipients of federal aid administered by the Secretary of Education, including Fox Valley Technical College.

FERPA-related issues should be directed to Brian Buss, Registrar, at (920) 735-5792 or to Patricia Jorgensen, Vice President-Student and Community Development, at (920) 735-5649.


Where can I obtain a copy of the Student Handbook?

A Student Handbook can be obtained from your supervisor, Student Life (Appleton and Oshkosh campuses) or on the FVTC website, linked here: Student Handbook. 

Where can I obtain a copy of the student conduct policies?

The policies governing student conduct can be found in the Student Handbook or on the FVTC website version which is linked here:  Student Handbook.


Where can I find the school calendar?

The Academic Calendar is available on the FVTC website by clicking on Educational Opportunities\Academic Calendar. Here is a link to the current year calendar: Academic Calendar.

When is Advising Week?

Advising weeks are scheduled in the fall and spring each year.  The exact dates are posted on the Academic Calendar which is accessible from the College’s home page on the Web.  The path is Educational Opportunities\Academic Calendar.

What about inclement weather?

The FVTC home page will include information about school closings and radio and TV stations will broadcast school closing announcements per administrative policy.  You can read more about weather closings here:  Emergency Closing Procedure.

What do I do if I need to cancel class because of illness?

What do I do in an emergency? 

If there is a medical, fire, disturbance or bomb threat emergency on the Appleton Campus, call 4777.

Additionally, for Appleton Campus emergencies:

Medical – assess the situation, call out for help, dial 4777 from any FVTC office phone or RED emergency phone, stating that you have a medical emergency and providing specific location information as well as whatever is known about the nature of the illness or injury.  Begin CPR if the person isn’t breathing and doesn’t have a pulse.

Fire – activate the nearest fire alarm, call 4777 to report the fire, and leave the building with your students moving to the nearest emergency evaluation assembly areas until an “all clear” is given.  If possible, take your roster and take attendance once outside.

Disturbance – call 4777 and report the incident and specific location; limit staff or students from entering the area.

Bomb threat – attempt to gain as much information from the caller as possible and then call 4777 to report the threat.

If you teach at other FVTC campuses or sites, consult with your supervisor to learn about emergency procedures specific to those sites.


Who do I call with payroll questions?

For questions about payments, call or email Debbie Hartjes, (920) 735-2580 or, or Katie VanDeLoo (920) 735-5623 or, during regular business hours. Office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Payroll Office is located on the Appleton Campus in Room G147.

Where can I find a schedule of payroll dates?

The bi-weekly and semi-monthly payroll schedules can be found by clicking on this link: Payroll Schedule.


I have to submit a change (i.e. for subbing, adding or subtracting hours) for my class -- what paperwork is needed?

When you substitute for another instructor, reduce your hours, or add hours, you will need to complete the Instructional Pay Form.  To access the form template, open MS Word, choose File, then New, then My Templates.  Scroll through the list of templates to locate Instructional Pay Form.  Select the form and click OK.  You must be connected to your FVTC network account on a district-owned computer to be able to access the form.

What is the cut-off for submitting the Instructional Pay form?

To facilitate timely payments, submit Instructional Pay forms to your class originator in your division office immediately after a change in hours.

Who do I call to discuss certification?

Lori Kroiss is the Certification Officer and she can be reached by phone at (920) 735-5735, by email at  Her office is located in Training and Development in Room G147.


Can I sit in on other teachers’ classes for auditing purposes?

Contact the department chair or associate dean to obtain permission to audit a class.


Where can I learn how to purchase software?

FVTC is part of a state-wide consortium whose purpose is to provide college staff and students with access to purchase discounted software. The link to Wisconsin Integrated Software Catalog is:  Once there, select Fox Valley in the Faculty/Staff (Personal Sales) box on the left side of the screen and be prepared to enter identifying information including your 9-digit FVTC employee number.

Where do I get a permit to park in restricted lots on the Appleton and Oshkosh Campuses?

Parking permits can be obtained from the Security Services Office located in Room E162, and at the Oshkosh Campus in the Security Services Office. Parking permits for adjunct faculty are annual and will be issued each fall. Parking permits must be displayed on the left rear window of the vehicle on the driver’s side. Staff members parking in areas designated for Staff Parking Only shall not back into parking stalls (backing into parking stalls obscures the vehicle permit).

How do I access FVTC email?

Use this guide to help you find and use your FVTC email account. 


What is the Daily News?

The Daily News is the place to go for up-to-the-minute information and college and staff news as well as the place to access topics such as staff briefing videos, Staff Development Center, and the staff bulletin board where community announcements are made and items can be bought and sold.  The Daily News is located on the FVTC Intranet and requires that you sign in with your network ID and password. 


Who should I contact if I have other questions?

If you have questions that are not addressed on this website, contact your supervisor for assistance.

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