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Tractor & Machinery Course 

Tractor & Machinery
Certification Course
for Youth ages 12-15

Tractor and Machinery Certification is mandated by Federal legislation for any youth 14-15 years old working on a farm not owned or operated by the youth’s parents or legal guardians and who are operating tractors over 20 PTO horsepower and/or certain farm equipment.

In Wisconsin, any farm youth under the age of 16 are prohibited from operating agricultural machinery on public roads unless they have completed a Tractor and Machinery Certification Course. A law signed by the Governor in 1998 sets a lower age limit at youth 12 years of age to become certified in tractor and machinery operation.

This course is taught by certified instructors to meet the following objectives:

• To provide youth with the means to develop positive attitudes toward tractor and machinery safety.
• To provide youth with education on the basic principles of tractor and machinery safety.
• To allow youth to acquire basic knowledge, and ability; and to develop safe work practices in the use of tractors and machinery.
• To provide youth with education on how to identify and correct agricultural work hazards, requiring them to do inspections on their own farms or work situations.
• To provide youth with basic knowledge of farm chemicals and electrical safety.
• To provide youth with basic first aid/first response information in the event of an accident, using hands-on instruction by area EMTs specially trained in farm accidents.

Register Soon for Tractor Safety

The next tractor safety class in Clintonville will be in spring 2015.

For more information call 715-823-1555 or 800-321-7133

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