Transfer Credit and Advanced Standing FAQ's 

Q: What are official transcripts?
A: Official transcripts are transcripts with the school's seal sent directly from the school you attended previously.

Q: If I attended more than one school previously, do I need to send all transcripts?
A: Yes, we will need each school transcript. If, however, there are classes that do not apply to your program/plan at FVTC, you wouldn't need to send that transcript.

Q: Does FVTC transfer in all my previous classes?
A: No, FVTC transfers in only the classes that are applicable to your program of study.

Q: I am currently a student at another college. How can I find out what credits will transfer to FVTC?
A: You can email your unofficial transcript from your current college to Transfer Credit and include the program you are looking to pursue at FVTC.  We will evaluate the transcripts and email a listing of the classes that are complete towards your program choice.  Note: this review is unofficial; you will need to send official transcripts to FVTC once you have applied to your program. You can also use the Transfer Information Wizard to find out which courses will transfer.

Q: According to my FVTC admissions requirements, I need to complete Accuplacer testing. Do I need to complete this if I have college credits and/or a college degree?
A: Not necessarily. Official college transcripts will be reviewed and some or all of the Accuplacer assessment may be waived to the general education level. If your program requires higher Accuplacer assessment scores,  you will need to test to show meeting the higher requirements.

Q: I submitted my official transcripts to FVTC. How will I know which credits transferred?
A: Once your transcripts have been evaluated and your credits posted to your record, we will email you a Student Transfer Evaluation detailing the credits. You can also view your transfer credit on your MyFVTC page and also on your unofficial transcript.

Q: Will my transfer credit be calculated to my GPA for FVTC?
A: No, transfer credit is designated with a grade of TC on the student transcript and is not calculated in a student's GPA (grade point average).

Q: Does FVTC accept every college for transfer credit?
A: No, FVTC accepts transfer credits from Regionally Accredited institutions only.

Q: I completed college level courses in high school. How do I get these recorded at FVTC?
A: FVTC recognizes the formal agreements between high schools and technical colleges. To have these courses reviewed, you must submit a high school transcript after you have applied for a program at FVTC. Per the agreements between high schools and the technical colleges, students need to have earned a B or better in the applicable course for it to be considered by FVTC. If accepted, we will process the credits as Advanced Standing (AS) on your transcript. These courses do not count towards your academic GPA.

Q: I completed an AP course in high school. Will FVTC accept those credits?
A: FVTC will accept the passing AP TEST only; you will not receive credit for completion on the course alone. Please submit the AP test results to the transfer credit office for evaluation. If accepted, we will process the credits as Advanced Standing (AS) on your transcript. These courses do not count towards your academic GPA.

Q: I am close to completing my degree at another college. Can I transfer all my courses to FVTC to finish my degree?
A: Per FVTC policy, a student must complete a minimum of 25% of the required coursework in order to earn an Associate's Degree or Technical Diploma from our college (for certificates, you must complete 50% of the coursework at FVTC). Your previous credits will also need to be approved by the program division to ensure the coursework meets the same academic rigor at our college.

Q: I received my apprenticeship through the state of Wisconsin.  Will that training transfer?
A: You may receive up to 32 credits for your prior learning towards an Associate's Degree. For more information, you may contact Kathy Lodes, Counselor, by calling (920) 735-5696.

Q: I have college credits and/or a degree from another country.  Will FVTC accept those credits?
A: Yes, we accept credits completed in another country.  We require a Credit Assessment of your translated transcript.  Credit Assessments MUST be completed by a certified evaluator and MUST provide proof of certification credentials.  For more information, please contact the transfer credit office.

Q: Does FVTC accept Military training/credits earned?
A: Yes, we will accept Military training and credits. Please submit a SMART or ACE transcript for evaluation.

Q: Does FVTC accept CLEP, DANTES and College Board credits?
A: Yes, we accept all of the above testing - we will transfer in the applicable courses based on the test results. Please submit test results to the transfer credit office for evaluation. If approved, the credits will be recorded as Advanced Standing (AS) on your official transcript. These courses will not count towards your academic GPA.

Q: How do I find out if another college will accept FVTC classes/credits?
A: Contact the college you want the credits to transfer to and provide them with the required documentation - an official transcript is what most colleges require.  If more information is requested (such as class description, course numbers, and/or course syllabus), please contact the transfer credit office for assistance.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions regarding transfer credit, advanced standing or any of the above?
A: You can email or call the transfer credit office at (920) 735-4720.

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