Comments from Past Open House Attendees 

Each year, we ask attendees to provide feedback about the Open House. It's completely optional and anonymously submitted through an online survey. Here are what some of our past attendees have said:

"They met us at the door and made us feel welcome. Instructors are very enthusiastic about students’ learning!"

"Nice people & yummy food!"

"Learned everything I needed to, and got to apply for admission right away!"

"Friendly, outgoing and helpful staff and students. Thanks!"

"Friendly staff and great visuals of the programs."

"...this was so much more than what I was expecting! Fox Valley Tech has come a long way since I was a student here in the 70's!"

"Friendly, fast service... knew all of the answers."

"Excellent organization; individual greeters to assist in navigating the floor plan."

"Great job, rapid lines, helpful student guide."

"We got all the information we needed for my husband to start in January. It was great to talk to one of the IT teachers."

"Pretty sweet!"

"Got to talk with someone in the program I'm interested in as well as a career counselor to help me qualify my decision."

"Was well-planned, had everything I was wondering about, easy!"

"Nice event for the community."

"Much more information available than I anticipated."

"Have great choices for classes and careers."

"Very well-organized and helpful… learned a lot."

"Enjoyed the food!"

"Everyone was very friendly and helpful."

"I love this school!!"

"Current students were exceptionally helpful answering questions."

"Very good… look forward to coming to school here!"

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