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Oshkosh Student Board 

Oshkosh Student Board

2013-2014 Meeting Dates:

On regular class days during the Fall and Spring semesters, the Oshkosh Student Board (OSB) meets every Wednesday from 11:30AM to 12:20PM in Room 135, Oshkosh Riverside Campus.

What about the FVTC Oshkosh Student Board?

  • Meeting people
  • Involvement
  • Leadership skills
  • Opportunities
  • Activities

Who Can Join?

Any student who is enrolled at the Fox Valley Technical College, who at least has one credit per semester may become a member of the FVTC Oshkosh Student Board.

What is the FVTC Oshkosh Student Board?

The FVTC Oshkosh Student Board is simply an organization operated by the student body that represents the student body. FVTC Oshkosh Student Board also plans every activity for the year.

About the FVTC Oshkosh Student Board.

FVTC Student Board promotes the interest of the student body. We further a good relationship between faculty and student. Once that is established, FVTC Student Board is able to present student ideas and opinions to the FVTC Administration. Then, the two groups can work towards a better objective. FVTC Student Board issues complaints, problems, suggestions, and ideas. As well as plan activities on campus, such as speakers, entertainers, and give-a-ways.


Why join FVTC Oshkosh Student Board?

With being part of Student Board, you will be able to express your ideas and opinions on what needs to be done and what you think would be good on campus. Also, you get to meet new people, and gain an endless learning experience.

Oshkosh Intramural Soccer

Contact Information:

Advisor: Luke Leitner
Office: 135C
Phone: 920-236-6171

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