Authority for Advisory Committees 

State Statute 38.14(5)

The State of Wisconsin Statutes authorize and give direction to advisory committees in Statute 38.14(5). The Fox Valley Technical College Board will establish advisory committees representing every occupation in the district. Each committee shall consist of equal numbers of employers and employees selected by the district board from recommendations submitted by representative organizations and associations of each occupation. The district board and the district director (President) may request the advice and assistance of these advisory committees in selecting, purchasing and installing equipment, in preparing course materials, in developing instructional methods and vocational guidance programs and for such other purposes as the district board desires.

Wisconsin Technical College System Administrative Bulletin AB 09-04

The Wisconsin Technical College System requires the establishment of active advisory committees for each State Board approved occupational, apprenticeship, and Collegiate/Liberal Arts Transfer program.  Districts may choose to implement a multiple program committee structure when programs have similar characteristics such as program outcomes or technical content. 

Individual colleges may also elect to establish special advisory committees for the purpose of providing communications among the community, government agencies, educational institutions, and/or business and industries they serve.

The membership of all advisory committees should include equal representation of employers and employees and be representative of geographic location and racial and gender diversity.  Additionally, the membership of multi-program committees shall be balanced to include individuals who represent the targeted jobs.  Participation on advisory committees by students and representatives of secondary and postsecondary schools is also highly recommended.

FVTC Administrative Policy: Advisory Committees

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