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Credit Status/Enrollment 

Credit Status—a student must be enrolled at least 1/2-time by the census date to receive all types of  financial aid funds with the exception of the Pell Grant credit proration (see below).

Each Term

Enrollment Level


¾ Time

½ Time

Less than ½ Time

Credit Load

12 or more credits

9 – 11 credits

6 – 8 credits

1 – 5 credits

Pell Award Amount

Maximum Term Amount

Pro-rated Amount*

Pro-rated Amount*

Pro-rated Amount*

*For students with the smallest annual Pell awards, all or some of the pro-rated amounts may be $0.

The award is based on enrollment:

  • Prior to the census date, awards are based upon full-time status
  • After the census date, the award will be based on the term's fundable credits (this includes state course numbers beginning in 10, 31, 32, 77 and 78.)

A less than full-time status may have an effect on Pell grant eligibility:

  • the Pell Grant will be prorated on the census date based on credit status
  • the combination of a high EFC and reduced credit status may result in the loss of all Pell Grant funds

A consortium agreement must be submitted to financial aid:

  • for any credits enrolled at another college for the student's financial aid to disburse accurately
  • shared program students do not need to submit a consortium agreement

Accelerated program students must meet the following criteria:

  • be enrolled in all of the term's courses by the census date

Program Prep classes are included in credit status:

  • Students are strongly encouraged to take at least one program related credit in addition to the Program Prep class(es)
  • Maximum of 30 remedial credits are allowed to be covered by financial aid

Audit credits and advanced standing are ineligible and will not be included in a student's credit status.

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