FVTC Behavioral Intervention Team 

Behavioral Intervention Team

Fox Valley Technical College has a Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT).  The purpose of this team is to provide a cross-functional, multidisciplinary point of contact for members of the college community who have encountered student behavior that they perceive as aberrant, threatening or dangerous. The team aims to track "red flags" in student behavior in order to identify individual or group behavior patterns or disturbances.  The cross-functional team will then use it's resources to conduct an investigation, perform a threat assessment and determine the best ways to support and/or intervene to promote the success of individual students and the safety of the overall campus community.  The team will act promptly to follow-up with the individual initiating the report and determine a plan of action.
Within the parameters of existing state and federal statutes, the members of the BIT shall have access to all pertinent records and information, which would aid the BIT in fully investigating, reviewing and determining a course of action to properly resolve the incidents reported to the Team.  BIT files shall be maintained by the College Conduct Officer and the Security Services Manager.

Actions taken by the team could include the following:

  • Assisting faculty with appropriate intervention strategies
  • Assist in writing a Behavioral Success Plan
  • Provide resources for students and staff
  • Impose educational sanctions
  • When indicated, suspending a student until the student has been assessed, treated and doctors indicate the student is not a risk to themselves or others
Information for Faculty and Staff
Information for Students

Behavioral Intervention Team Membership

The members of the BIT shall be as follows:
  • College Conduct Officer
  • Security Services Manager
  • Security Services Coordinator
  • Director of Student Affairs
  • Student Life Coordinator
  • Educational Support Services Representative (Term expires May 2014)
  • (2) Faculty Representative (Term expires May 2014 & May 2015)
  • (2) Educational Support Personnel Association Representative (Term expires May 2014 & May 2015)
  • (1) Oshkosh Campus Representative
  • (1) Counselor (Term expires May 2014)
  • (1) Academic Dean or Associate Dean (Term expires May 2015)
BIT members serve for a three-year term.  Terms are staggered to allow for consistency and a smooth transition.  The College Conduct Officer, Security Services Manager, Director of Student Affairs, Security Services Coordinator and Student Life Coordinator are all permanent members of the BIT.

Staff members interested in serving on the BIT are encouraged to express interest to the College Conduct Officer.

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