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Recruit On-Campus 

Schedule your On-Campus Recruitment Today!
January 13 - May 17, 2014

On Campus recruiting is a great opportunity to connect with FVTC students and upcoming graduates.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Choose a date, time and campus location for recruiting

Step 2: Decide which recruiting option fits your style:

Formal Recruitment You will be interviewing preselected candidates at a FVTC campus location of your choice. Recruitment for qualified candidates will be conducted in advance by submitting available job openings to Student Employment Services (SES). Students/graduates will submit their resumes to Student Employment Services and we will then schedule the individuals for an interview time slot on the date chosen. Students will be informed in advance that this is a formal interview and should approach it in a professional manner.

Informal Recruitment - You will have a reserved table in the commons at a FVTC campus of your choice to recruit students/graduates for your position openings. The placement of the table will be positioned to allow for direct student traffic. This type of recruiting is promoted as a casual “come as you are” atmosphere. Please feel free to bring signs, banners, or displays that you feel may better enhance your visibility (free candy and/or trinkets always work well).

Step 3: Submit your job openings to
         The benefits of using Wisconsin TechConnect include:
  • Fast - jobs posted daily
  • FREE - no cost to you
  • Targeted - candidates to meet your specific job requirements
  • Ever-changing - new candidates available every semester
  • Convenient - online service whenever you need it
  • Efficient - single-entry, statewide access to WTCS students, graduates and faculty
Step 4: Relax and let SES do the rest:

SES will take care of all promotions and necessary details to get students involved in your recruitment. SES will be send out personal invitations to upcoming graduates, send notices to instructors to announce in class, post your recruitment on TV monitors throughout the college campus.

There is no fee for this service.

Interested??? Please Contact Cindy Stoeger in Student Employment Services at (920) 735-5610 or to schedule your recruitment opportunity today!

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