Letter from the President & Executive Director 


Dear Friends,

Thank you for helping us make a positive and critical difference in the lives of individuals and families in our community!

Fox Valley Technical College focuses on training and education for employment and careers. We serve our friends and neighbors – students graduating from high school, veterans coming home from the war or wherever they have been stationed, people looking for career changes, individuals needing updated or new job skills, businesses and manufacturers requiring leading-edge training for their employees, men and women of all ages wanting to earn their high school credential, and residents interested in opportunities to enrich their worlds. FVTC is here to help them reach their academic goals and make their dreams come true.

During the past academic year, Fox Valley Technical College served nearly 52,000 people, making us the largest technical college in the state based on the number of learners served. On average, 90% of our graduates were employed within six months of graduation. We provided 1,900 employers and 26,000 employees with specialized contract training. And, the number of high school graduates attending FVTC directly from high school doubled in the past three years.

Because of your kind and caring hearts, the FVTC Foundation awarded nearly 1,050 scholarships, totaling almost $664,000 to students who not only appreciated the financial support they received; but without exception, also talked about what it means to have people they don’t even know believe in them. More than $7.6 million dollars was awarded since the first scholarship was presented in 1979. Through our long and valued relationships, the Foundation provided almost $2.5 million in program support to the College; and since 1990, that number totaled $27 million. Together, we achieved impressive results and delivered life-changing encouragement!

On behalf of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Fox Valley Technical College Foundation and Community Relations Team, we sincerely thank you for everything you do; and we wish you and your families a special and meaningful holiday season.


Steve Tyink
Fox Valley Technical College Foundation, Inc.
Alyce Dumke
Executive Director
Fox Valley Technical College Foundation, Inc.
 Steve Tyink, President
  Foundation Executive Director

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