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Writing - Stages of a Writer

Stage 1

Novice Writer (unskilled, unaware, teacher-dependent writer)
- has little, if any, individual style
- has little awareness of writing process
- has undeveloped skills and techniques
- seeks approval from teacher
- is reluctant to revise any writing
- believes good writing comes easily

Stage 2

Transitional Writer  (transitional, self-involved, self-delineating writer)
- needs support and coaching in order to develop
- learns from modeled behaviors
- is developing a degree of comfort with the craft
- is anxious to stand alone, yet is uncomfortable with peer collaboration
- is developing an awareness of personal needs, interests, and preoccupations

Stage 3

Willing Writer  (peer-involved, willing writer)
- is able to collaborate well with others
- requires external feedback to shape progress
- is able to profit from criticism
- is developing objectivity concerning work
- enjoys practicing craft
- is developing a sensitivity to audience

Stage 4

Independent Writer (independent, autonomous writer)
- makes highly objective self-assessments
- has developed a sophisticated personal style
- has developed a writer's voice
- takes risks and experiments
- is self-motivating and self-aware as a writer
- is a craftsperson

Writing - Writing Checklist for Research Essay










Importance of Topic





Grab Reader’s Attention





Body/ Content

Organization (One Topic per Paragraph)





Clear Points with Clear Support

“If you say it, you need to prove it.”







Spelling, Grammar/Punctuation, Word Choice












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