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Information Technology Services

Information Technology ServicesDepartment:

920-735-5644Phone: Email:

Appleton Main Campus (A120)Location:



We offer a variety of computer related support applications as well as telecommunication (telephone) technology. Our department is building relationships with all departments and the district to provide repair and resolution regarding computer related and telecommunication questions. Click Logoff at the left hand menu bar to go to the public support site.

Manager-Network Services 920-735-2458 Email_Me
Analyst/Software Developer 920-735-4711 Email_Me
Mgr-Applications&Database 920-993-5120 Email_Me
ReportingSvcsDesigner 920-993-5124 Email_Me
TechVIII-VirtualInfrastructAdm 920-735-2408 Email_Me
TechnicVIII-Software Engineer 920-993-5156 Email_Me
Analyst/Software Developer 920-735-5770 Email_Me
Database Administrator 920-996-2934 Email_Me
Tech VIII-VirtualInfrastructur 920-735-4791 Email_Me
ReportingSvcsDesigner 920-735-2541 Email_Me
Tech VII-InfoTech 920-735-4730 Email_Me
Desktop Support Administrator 920-735-4828 Email_Me
Data Analyst/Developer 920-735-4753 Email_Me
Analyst/Software Developer 920-735-5773 Email_Me
Chief Information Officer 920-735-5766 Email_Me
ReportingServicesDesigner 920-993-5119 Email_Me
EnterpriseApplicationsAnalyst 920-993-5114 Email_Me
Tech VIII-NetworkSvcs 920-735-4747 Email_Me
Tech VIII - SoftwareEngineer 920-996-2927 Email_Me
Analyst/Software Developer 920-735-2540 Email_Me
Tech VIII - Software Engineer 920-735-4710 Email_Me
Security&DesktopSupportSpecial 920-831-4304 Email_Me
Network Engineer 920-735-5635 Email_Me
Mgr-EnterpriseAppsReport/BusIn 920-735-4756 Email_Me
TechVII-CustomerServProgrammer 920-735-5737 Email_Me
Analyst/Prgmr-StateRep 920-735-5767 Email_Me
Systems Support Analyst Email_Me
Mgr-HelpDesk & DesktopSupport 920-996-2909 Email_Me
Backup Administrator 920-735-2490 Email_Me
Tech VIII - Software Engineer 920-996-2906 Email_Me
Analyst/Software Developer 920-831-5493 Email_Me
Desktop Support Technician 920-735-4751 Email_Me
PS Database Administrator 920-735-2512 Email_Me
SharePoint Administrator 920-993-5225 Email_Me
DesktopSupportTech-LTE 920-735-5644 Email_Me
Data Analyst/Developer 920-735-2515 Email_Me
AdminAsst V-Information Tech 920-996-2842 Email_Me
Desktop Support Technician 920-236-6189 Email_Me
CommNetworkAdministrator 920-735-5713 Email_Me