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Culinary Arts and Hospitality Department

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Baking, cooking, hospitality and more highlight the experience our students receive from our Culinary Arts and Hospitality Department.

Instructor-Culinary Arts 920-735-5772 Email_Me
Culinary Arts - Long Term Sub Email_Me
Instructor-Culinary Arts 920-735-5641 Email_Me
DeptChair-CulArts/Hotel&Restau 920-735-5643 Email_Me
Instructor-Culinary Arts 920-831-5491 Email_Me
Culinary Arts - Long Term Sub Email_Me
Instructor-CulinaryArts 920-993-5299 Email_Me
Instr-CulArts/Hotel&RestaurMgt 920-831-4360 Email_Me
Instr-CulArts/Hotel&RestaraMgt 920-831-4359 Email_Me